Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

We’ve now compiled a list of the best bob and lob hairstyles that have captivated them from stunning celebrities. The key is to flaunt them with confidence before you choose them because they require dramatic styling. This classic bob wears tight curls that are gently swept to one side for added texture, and then to the other side with a twist.

Don’t be afraid to embark on an adventure, change your look and be inspired by the celebrities who have rocked this hairstyle.

The best celebrity bob hairstyles, which give your look an alternative edge while keeping it sophisticated and chic, are quirky, dreamy and all beautiful. This is very flattering to the face as it accentuates the cheekbones and draws attention away from the large forehead. Actress Rose Byrne looks like she’s fallen in love with her hair in this stylish retro bob hairdo.

Model Coco Rocha is giving something away by opting for more volume with the entire focus of the hairstyle on her cheek height. The bold bowl cut accentuated her cheekbones with a bold cut in a bowl, while the fullness of her hair accentuated her forehead and chin.

For longer lengths, the right look strikes the perfect balance between the fullness of the hair and the length of your cheekbones and chin, as well as the balance of length and volume.

For a polished, professional hairstyle that is perfect for the office, full, blunt bangs are the perfect choice. They draw attention to themselves and to the sides – sweeping them gives your bob a soft finish, and they are a perfect choice for polished professional hairstyles, perfect in an office. Give your hair a makeover without sacrificing one of the big bob hairstyles for each hair length. Bangs and bobs can be combined in the same style, creating the perfect combination for a fun and sophisticated style.

Kelly Osbourne pulls off the tricky lavender colour trend with aplomb, and her blunt bangs are perfect, too.

Whether whimsical, dreamy or anything in between, these are some of the best celebrity bob hairstyles to give your look an alternative edge while keeping it sophisticated and chic. Actress Rose Byrne looks like she’s back to her old self with her long wavy hair in this gorgeous bob.

This long bob hairstyle with center parting and discreetly layered ends looks amazing and radiates femininity and elegance. If you’re in the market for a bob that fits your style, you can also take inspiration from Jennifer Aniston’s stylish retro bob hairstyles. It is very flattering on the face as it accentuates the cheekbones and draws attention away from the large forehead.

To give your bob something seductive and enhance your facial features, use a flat iron or a round brush to gently and subtly turn the ends of your hair inwards. This bob can be cut to shoulder length so that you can experiment with the hair depending on your personality and occasion, care for it well or ruffle it. While this bob helps to enhance the beauty of the cut, it also fits most hair structures and looks especially stylish with a smooth hair structure.

Chaotic and wavy hairstyles are on trend, so create messy waves with a curling iron or texturing hair products. The side – sweeping bangs and side curls on top of the bob really face frame and cute.

Rihanna’s dark and blunt bob haircut is a huge inspiration to women around the world. Without question, this celebrity short hairstyle is a real inspiration for ladies all over the world. Short bob hairstyles are really versatile and popular, and almost every woman looks good with them.

Since short haircuts are particularly popular and trendy among women, check out some of the celebrities who have tried these chops. Here we have selected a simple and beautiful hairstyle for your next hairstyles, and you can achieve the design you have always dreamed of with little effort and a lot of time. Pick one of these beautiful short hair styles from the list of celebrities and create it yourself.

Browse through these 20 fabulous bob styles and you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one to refresh you for 2014. Browse the list of celebrity hairstyles and be inspired by the pop stars.

British pop singer Rita Ora, known for her bob, rocks a long, long bob with its cut sides, giving her a simple, sweet vibe.

This site – parted style is perfect for women with heart-shaped faces, and it makes a really nice statement casual style. If you’re looking for a structured, short hairstyle, here’s a choppy, layered short bob haircut. Wavy layered bob hairstyles can beautifully frame the face, but are also suitable for casual, casual looks. Messy bob hairstyles like this make for a simple, clean shaven look, especially in the summer months.

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