Curly Hairstyles with Bangs

One of the most interesting hairstyles is actually the curly hairstyles. This is because it prefers certain cuts and facial shapes. For example, a layered cut will never look good in very curly hair; otherwise, it will appear it is frizzed all the time.
long straight curly hairstyle with bangs

However, it doesn’t mean that your options are very limited. In fact, there are different kinds of curls you can try.
If you have short hair such as crop, you can try the loose curls. They give more volume into your hair, not to mention that your strands seem to be bouncing all the time. It gives you more character and confidence. It denotes a more carefree personality. Moreover, since it is short, your curly hair becomes more manageable.
Short Black Curly Hair Style with bangs

The long loose curl is one of the most favorite hairstyles of women because it always embodies femininity. Any woman who wears it will appear elegant, charming, and sweet. This is also a good way of adding texture and variety into your long hair.

It’s a good idea to keep the curls still soft and loose. Relaxed curls have the ability to create a much better facial frame.

Then you have the wavy curl. This is different from the other two since the curls are much larger. Nevertheless, they are still very loose. They go well for women who have very casual personality.

There are also different types of bangs that you can pair with your curly hair. The most common is the curly bangs, where you simply need to imitate the curl on the rest of your hair.
Medium length curly hairstyle with bangs

Surprisingly, straight bangs can also be paired with curly hair. A good example will be the hairstyle of Vanessa Hudgens. However, you may want to stay away from too-blunt bangs. Rather, add some volume by inwardly brushing them.
curly hair styles with bangs

You will also never make a mistake with the side-sweep bangs. It’s so easy to do. You just need to bring your bangs in one direction. You don’t have to curl them, and you can get the bangs away from your vision. You will also appear more feminine.

Though short bangs may suit curly hair, it’s common for women to sport longer ones. They can hide their foreheads, which can be protruding or too wide.

When you’re working with your curls, make sure that you can apply a straightening serum or cream while your hair is still wet. This is to ensure that you can have full control over your hair, including the bangs, when you’re ready to style.

You can also use curling irons to get any of the hairstyles pretty quickly, or you can get rid of the hot appliance and make use of the large barrel and some mousse.

Of course, curly hairstyles without bangs also looks great, here is a picture of Miley Cyrus long curly hairstyle without bangs.

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