How to Get The Best Long Hairstyles

Stop the Damage to Long hairstyles with These Tips

You can’t really be blamed if you’re sporting a long hairstyle. This type of hair gives you plenty of styling options. You can have it straight, layered, curled, or waved. Is also looks like to have more volume than the shorter one.

Long hairstyles can also make you appear a lot thinner because they can hide your growing cheeks. Moreover, when paired with bangs, you can let other people take a look at your face than the rest of your body.

However, long hairstyles are very prone to more obvious damage than their short counterparts. This is because they need more care or maintenance. They can easily get frizzed or suffer from split ends.
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To make sure that you can maintain your luscious long hairstyle, remember these tips:

Be gentle. If you want your hair to love you back—that is, make you feel beautiful and sexy—then be very gentle with it. This means that you should avoid as much as possible using hair care products that contain a lot of chemical agents. Besides, a growing trend in the market today is green products. Their ingredients such as aloe vera are considered to be much gentler and healthier for the hair.

Condition your hair regularly. If you’re confused between to shampoo and to conditioner, go for the latter. It’s not really advisable to shampoo your hair every day because the chemicals in it can strip the oil off your hair, making it appear dry and dull. The conditioners, on the other hand, have an opposite effect. They can bring back the shine, bounce, and smoothness of your hair strands.
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Keep them strong. There are already shampoos and conditioners that can make your hair very strong. This way, whenever you comb, you don’t end up losing a substantial amount of strands. Furthermore, the best time to comb your hair will be around 20 to 30 minutes after you shower. By then, your hair will not be very weak that they can be easily removed from the roots.

Stay away from the heat. Your long hair can get very brittle when exposed to heat. That’s why you need to wear a hat or scarf when the weather outside is too hot. Nevertheless, you also need to avoid using hot curling and straightening irons. If you want to style your hair, go to your favorite salon and have a professional take care of your need.
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See a stylist. Do take time to see your stylist at least once a month. He or she can take note of the general condition of your hair as well as provide you with more great tips on how to improve its look without causing a lot of damage.

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