Milla Jovovich Lighter Hairdo And New Flick

Find the latest celebrity hairstyles here! When Milla Jovovich walked the red carpet at the premiere of her new film Stone there was something different about her, but it was hard to put your finger on it. Then, the lightbulb turned on—eureka! It’s her hair!
Milla Jovovich medium length hairstyle with side swept bangs

All my friends do love Milla’s hairstyles! Milla normally flaunts a rich hazel, but has lightened her locks to a dark honey brown. The effect is subtle, but gives her a fresh glow. Stars tend to go from one extreme to the other, so this subtle change is unique. Drastic changes in hue can be incredibly damaging to your strands.

Milla Jovovich shoulder length straight hairstyle with side bangs

If you’ve been thinking of a new look, consider taking a cue from Milla with a minimal change in shade. Here are a few options for you:

* Highlights and Lowlights. These add depth and richness to your locks without having to dye your entire head. Make sure to keep them in similar shades—you don’t want to end up looking like a rainbow!

* Semi-Permanent Hair Dye. This product is created to gradually wash out of your hair after six to eight weeks. It’s great for testing a new shade or for avoiding the harsh roots you get with normal dyes.

* Traditional Hair Dye. Unfortunately, you can’t get lighter locks without bleaching your hair, so its best to opt for a darker shade. Most dyes are synthetic, but companies like Aveda do offer majority plant-based products which are safer and better for your hair.

* Cellophane Hair Treatment. This is not a dye, but rather a gloss which is applied from the roots to the tips. It is available in clear or tinted, for slight changes in color. It lasts four to six weeks.

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