Prom Hairstyles: Most Awe Inspiring and Pretty

Most hairstyles are inspired from those what the celebrities wear at events and gala functions. Therefore, it is simply natural for teenagers to follow celebrity prom hairstyles that are almost unique and look so beautiful on their role models.

It is very important for the celebrities to dress well for any public appearance. This is the time they utilize the most to do and dress things which are different from the rest. Genuinely beautiful celebrities can always show off why they are the people’s favorites. They try and wear a different look each time. Therefore, their hairstyles change with the look. When they need to look younger, cute yet sexy they try out several casual and formal prom hairstyles.

Here are some celebrity inspired prom hairstyles:

Jennifer Aniston relaxed look hairstyle: This one can take your prom by storm. Jennifer Aniston has used her lovely long hair to her advantage. She has simple left her hair open. At the top she has her natural straight hair with long bangs. Towards the bottom however, she has added light waves to her hair. These waves are towards the tips, this makes her look gorgeous.
Lindsay Lohan pretty hairstyle with layered hair: This hairstyle is quite stunning. This hairstyle will suit brunettes more than blonde. Lindsay Lohan has added many layers to her hair and blow dried it giving the very sexy yet wild look. The hairstyle looks casual and ready for the prom.
Jessica Simpson glamorous hairstyle: This one is simply fit for the prom, it is cute yet sexy. This hairstyle requires you to have medium length hair. Large curls have been used to accentuate beauty as well as volume. Hair is combed with a side partition and fixed with a small pin. Curls glide on the shoulder making her look absolutely stunning.
Cameron Diaz cute short hair pony tail: This looks cute yet very chic and smart. With her layered short hair, Cameron Diaz has managed to wear a pony at the back of her hair, it makes her look cute yet smart.
There are many other awe inspiring celebrity prom hairstyles you can check out, each day there is a new one and you have more choice in hairstyles.

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