Short Hair 2018-2019

Short hair is becoming increasingly popular, not only for being trendy, but because it has many look benefits. Short hair can flatter your face in a fine and sophisticated way as well it can flatter y our neck and shoulders in a very feminine and sexy style which also can make you boost your personality and improve your security.

Short hair is also a very versatile cut, because it is easy to maintain with only a few styling products, and we can generate multiple hairstyles in a rather quick and easy way.

This year trends bet on short hair in layers with very modern cut that creates a funky look, a casual and something very original style. You can use styling products such as gel make magic for a more creative look.

Also, short hair trends in 2019 betting on curls and waves in very short haircuts, allowing holders to play with shapes and colors. Sharp haircuts and bob pixies cuts are still a strong trend.

If you are still looking for ideas for short hair style, you won’t fail giving a try to the retro inspired Mia Farrows 60’s short haircut, which is going to be on top trend until late winter and is perfectly adaptable to anyone.

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