Should You Get New Micro Braids Hairstyles

I find a lot girls do love the micro braids hairstyles these days, you can find a lot on the street.Micro braids hairstyles are most commonly seen on African American women, but this kind of hairstyle also worn by many people in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico etc.
I do not know why they braid their hair into such micro braids, although the micro braids hairstyle looks attractive. This hairstyle is one of the most time intensive hairstyles,as well as a part of many cultural styles, there are a lot risks that come to the hair when one uses micro braids as part of their regular hairstyle.The micro braids do damage the hair health!


micro braids hairstyle for long hair
  • Too hard to get nutrients from body. Doing the Micro Braids Hairstyles,the risks can be determined before micro braid hairstyles are used within the hair as micro braids can lead to the individual having damaged hair that lacks the nutrients and natural oils that are present in the hair.Because the hair is braided so tightly it can be hard for the hair to retain these nutrients within the body.
  • Heavy damages if keep the micro braids to long. Micro braids should only be kept within the hair for a short period of time. After the braids have been in the hair for two or three months, have them removed so that the hair can recover from the stress of being braided for so long. Leaving braids in too long is very hard on the hair and can cause it to become thin and break.
  • Do not use thick conditioners.A lot people think that using a very thick conditioner on their hair will help their hair retain moisture. In fact thick conditioners can cause people to look as if they have a bad case of dandruff.
  • Don’t ever get dehydrated. Not drinking enough water on a daily basis has an effect on the hair. So, while wearing micro braids, make sure to drink a healthy amount of water every day. 

Micro braids hairstyles can be used within the hair as long as actions are taken to minimize the damages which are going to occur within the hair. Making use of deep conditioning treatments that can be applied to the hair before the braids are woven can be a great way to save the hair from damage.

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