The way of cutting a simple bob

Several moms and dads report of having got their daughter’s haircut done. None of them are professional stylists. And yet they have used a method that worked well for them.  They claim that the things that they needed were a number of clips along with a pair of shears. As for the shears, a bit pricey one is going to reimburse for itself and are much simpler to use.

Below, we will discuss how to cut a child’s bob haircut.

Commence with a damp head of hair. Follow up by parting the hair right down the center.

The next step is clipping up the upper half of hair, the whole way around.

The next part of how to cut a child’s bob haircut is deciding the amount of hair you wish to cut off, take hold of a part of hair, and making use of the fingers as the guide, slice the desired quantity.

Having has made it the complete way around, you should check and ensure that you have not erred on the lengthier or briefer side while making the way ’round. If you had, you can rectify your error now.

On all being fine let the top layer down.

The final part

The last step of how to cut a child’s bob haircut is using the bottom hair layer as the guide for slashing the top layer.

You must work your way about again, you are done!

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