Two popular ways of styling your bob for school

Be it a dumpy blunt cut, or asymmetrical or modeled after someone, possibilities are that now, you have a bob haircut. Besides the cropped cut being presently the trendiest celeb hairstyle it is also amongst the simplest ways of refreshing a lengthier style that you don’t like anymore. And like you are probably aware of, being nipped to graze the shoulders and fall at the jaw, the bob’s simple to style.

In the section below, we discuss a couple of School hairstyles for bob hair.

Messy Curls

This is among the School hairstyles for bob hair that can be made perfect by setting them perfectly. Roll and pin them and then prepare to shake the bounce off till they’re wobbly and cluttered.


 Soft Waves

The kinked waves of this of the School hairstyles for bob hair could be the preferred way for many school goers for styling their bobs. It’s effortless and polished at the same time. Having had combed your waves out, finish off using a sea salt spray for keeping it flawlessly in a piece.


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