You can create the ideal beachy wave bob at your home

Wonderful beach waves make an undying summer fashion and it not absolutely necessary that you be on a tropical getaway for embracing them. Experts say that you can create this effortless textured lock at your home this summer. They say that prepping the hair fittingly for the beachy waved summer appearance is very important.

They say that a great advice for a Beachy-wave bob is that the hair must not be excessively clean since it requires holding the undone wave. For this, you must begin building the hair up using a firm and yet not excessively sticky mousse.


Another key advice for a good Beachy-wave bob is to stay away from the look of greasiness. The experts suggest applying the product at a distance from the hair roots and comb it throughout such that it distributes uniformly.

Another piece of advice for a good looking Beachy-wave bob is using a texture spray for adding texture to it.

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